First Aid If Stung by Bees

Wound because bee sting usually cause local reactions such as skin reddening or swelling. However, if the victim is allergic to certain insect stings, then this can be life-threatening and need immediate aid.

Insects that have harmful stingers are honey bees, ticks buffalo, wasps and fire ants. According to Stanley M. Zildo as quoted from his book 'First Aid, How to Properly Handling First Aid and Emergency', the dangerous symptoms of insect stings can be painful, swollen and red, itchy, and the wound feels hot.

Some of the actions that can be done immediately are:

1. When the honey bee stings you, The bee sting usually still stuck in skin. Unplug sting carefully use a knife or a nail. Do not push because it can cause toxins to grow inside.

2. Wash sting area with soap and water.

3. Compress with cold water or ice to reduce the absorption and spread of venom.

4. Apply creams or lotions such as calamine, baking soda plus a little pasta water to reduce discomfort.


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