Excess Antibiotics Consumption May Trigger Diarrhea

Antibiotics include as hard drugs and should not be taken carelessly. Researchers found excessive consumption of antibiotics can trigger diarrhea.

Medical experts have long warned about the excessive use of antibiotics may increase the prevalence of infection because it removes the good bacteria in the body, making it possible for evil bacteria to breed.

Now, a new study shows many patients are prescribed antibiotics had an infection that causes diarrhea. It usually affects people who have long been taking antibiotics or prolonged hospitalization.

One of the most common infections of health care is an infection known as Clostridium difficile or C. difficile. Patients often suffer repeatedly, especially if he is taking antibiotics again.

Researchers at the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center found that there are 57 percent of patients who received antibiotics within 1 month of treatment. Of this amount, about 77 percent of patients received at least 1 dose of antibiotics that are not needed and 26 percent of patients given antibiotics that really does not need.

Actually, antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent and treat infections due to ureter surgery infections and pneumonia. But its use must be careful so as not to cause adverse effects.

"These findings are a reminder for physicians and patients to use antibiotics only when necessary, especially in patients who have a history of C.difficile," said lead researcher Dr Megan Shaughnessy, as quoted from HealthDay, Wednesday (01/16/2013) .

Dr. Shaughnessy said patients with a history of C.difficile are at high risk for recurrence, especially with the use of more antibiotics. For that physicians should be careful in providing antimicrobial therapy.


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