Auriculotherapy, New Method Acupuncture for Women Who Want to Get Pregnant

Recently, the leading actress from the U.S., Penelope Cruz was seen wearing a kind of piercings in his ears when attending the première of his latest film Venuto al Mondo in Madrid, Spain. Interestingly, a number of gold-colored studs that gave rise to rumors that the 38-year-old actress and her husband, actor Javier Bardem was planning to give their eldest son a sibling.

But it was not just any piercings or piercings latest trends but auriculotherapy. It is a form of acupuncture tools that protect against stress, pain and infertility.

"Auriculotherapy can be used to overcome fertility problems but the points do not lie in the ear. Which bears Cruz is a standard protocol for people who have a busy and high stress," says Jill Blakeway, director of alternative treatment centers, based YinOva Center in Manhattan.

According to Blakeway, auriculotherapy utilize reflexology points in the ear to be connected with other parts of the body. The points that helped Cruz stabilize heart rate, calm the mind and balance the body.

"And auriculotherapy is proven very effective," he said as quoted from ABCNews, Monday (28/01/2013).

During therapy sessions, auriculotherapy needles inserted into his outer ear a quarter inch deep. Then at the end of treatment, the needle removed and replaced by a kind of piercing metallic gold or silver are 'attached' to the ear with a special bandage that is claimed to maximize treatment.

"This method is quite popular for relaxation. We also do it to prevent hunger, for people who are dieting," said Blakeway.

Not only that, the acupuncture can treat body disorders are longstanding and chronic arthritis, irritable bowel, asthma, allergies and hormonal imbalances that cause infertility, said Blakeway.

Agreeing with this, Dr. William Hurd, head of the division of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at the University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Cleveland said, "Several studies have demonstrated that acupuncture increases the chances of success of IVF (in-vitro fertilization or IVF procedures). But because the data are limited, we can not recommend , even so we still offer this procedure. "

Hurd suspect acupuncture effects in some patients stress reliever that increases the chances of pregnancy.

"Stress can not get pregnant because it makes patients difficult pregnancy so we urge everyone to try things they think can help cope with stress," said Hurd.


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