85% Of Women Disturbed by Post on Facebook

Just as in real life, not all of our friends in Facebook are friendly and fun. A study says, the majority of Facebook users are women bothered by what is posted by their friends in social networking.

The surveys conducted by Eversave, companies offering services online daily transaction was originally intended to find out how social networks affect women's consumer reaction to their daily transactions. But unexpectedly, the survey finds negative psychological and social indications in Facebook.

From 400 women surveyed by Eversave, 85 percent said they often felt disturbed by posting their friends.

The participants said, sometimes their friends look brag or too excessive in posting information. As a result, something that should be in a private corridor, exposed to the public.

"There are people who complain too much over time, share your opinion about his views on politics when it is not requested or bragging about such a seemingly perfect life," said one participant.

The study also found 79 percent of participants use Facebook to find out the lives of their friends and 64 percent for the sharing of information.

"We were unbelievably surprised to find a response that shows the relationship 'hate but rather' experienced by women on Facebook," said Chief Executive Prospective, JereDoyle, who own Eversave.