Collection of Facts About Steve Jobs, Apple Company Founder

Steve Jobs is a Syria People 
You don’t expect, right? Maddox was adopted as a baby. His biological father is a lecturer in the Faculty of Social and Syria. His mother was one of his father's students. Steve submitted for adoption so that she could graduate from college and because his parents are not married. They later married and had a daughter who later became a lecturer and author of famous novel. Steve and his brother met as adults.

Steve Jobs

They just graduated from high school
Maddox was adopted by Paul and Clara. Prospective adoptive parents lied about their education. Later revealed that her adoptive mother had never graduated from college and her father dropped out of high school. But in many ways, they finally managed to send Steve to college.

DO from Campus
Jobs attended Reed College in Portland and came out six months later. The interesting thing is, Jobs fixed it deems attractive attend class for 18 months after exit includes a calligraphy class.

Being a Hippie
Having dropped out of college and an internship during the summer at Atari, Jobs wander backpacking to India. That's where Jobs moved to Buddhism, shaved bald head and experimented with LSD. Jobs claimed at that important moment in his life.

A = Apple and Also, Money
Steve Jobs along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Computer from Atari, Inc. April 1, 1976. It's a sad fact: Wayne sells 10% stake for $ 800. Yet its share price currently at $ 22 billion.

In 1984, Apple made the ad for the Super Bowl. Wozniak originally hated the ad, he's even willing to pay so that these ads are not running. But Jobs still want to show it. Finally, the ad is still running, and unfortunately they are still losers.


At the age of 30 years, Jobs dismissed by the commissioner of the company has established. Thanks to such dismissal, Jobs founded a new company, NeXT, which focus on computers for lectures and business. Despite these efforts failed, he succeeded in creating a modern operating system. Because of that, Apple bought the operating system, and request Jobs returned to Apple.

Establish Pixar Jobs

Jobs bought Pixar in 1986 when his name was still boring: Graphics Group. It was not even a Pixar animation studio, but the graphics hardware vendor for the hospital. In 1990, Jobs sold the hardware division and focus on animation. Two years later Pixar worked with Disney and make 3 movies and explode!

Your Salary Maybe More than Steve Jobs
Jobs was paid only $ 1 a year from Apple, but he also has 130 million shares of Disney where dividend of about $ 50 million per year.

-Jobs does not eat meat, except fish.

-Steve turned out to make The Beatles as his inspiration in the business. "The Beatles mutually balance each other", said Steve. Great things did by the team, not just by one person.

-In 2008, Jobs and Apple never sued for fraud because of the stock.

-Fortune Magazine called him the CEO of this decade, because until now there has never been one who could replace him. Maybe you can?